AuthROS: Secure Data Sharing Among Robot Operating Systems Based on Ethereum

by   Shenhui Zhang, et al.

Robot Operating System (ROS) has brought the excellent potential for automation in various fields involving production tasks, productivity enhancement, and the simplification of human operations. However, ROS highly relies on communication but lacks secure data sharing mechanisms. Securing confidential data exchange between multi-robots presents significant challenges in multi-robot interactions. In this paper, we introduce AuthROS, a secure and convenient authorization framework for ROS nodes with absolute security and high availability based on a private Ethereum network and SM algorithms. To our best knowledge, AuthROS is the first secure data-sharing framework for robots loaded with ROS. This framework can meet the requirements for immutability and security of confidential data exchanged between ROS nodes. In addition, an authority-granting and identity-verification mechanism are proposed to execute atomically to ensure trustworthy data exchange without third-party. Both an SM2 key exchange and an SM4 plaintext encryption mechanism are proposed for data transmission security. A data digest uploading scheme is also implemented to improve the efficiency of data querying and uploading on the Ethereum network. Experimental results demonstrate that it can generate a digest from 800KB encrypted data in 6.34ms. Through security analysis, AuthROS achieves secure data exchange, data operations detection, and Node Forging attack protection.


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