Authentication and Billing Scheme for The Electric Vehicles: EVABS

by   Ömer Aydin, et al.

The need for different energy sources has increased due to the decrease in the amount and the harm caused to the environment by its usage. Today, fossil fuels used as an energy source in land, sea or air vehicles are rapidly being replaced by different energy sources. The number and types of vehicles using energy sources other than fossil fuels are also increasing. Electricity stands out among the energy sources used. The possibility of generating electricity that is renewable, compatible with nature and at a lower cost provides a great advantage. For all these reasons, the use of electric vehicles is increasing day by day. Various solutions continue to be developed for the charging systems and post-charge billing processes of these vehicles. As a result of these solutions, the standards have not yet been fully formed. In this study, an authentication and billing scheme is proposed for charging and post-charging billing processes of electric land vehicles keeping security and privacy in the foreground. This scheme is named EVABS, which derives from the phrase "Electric Vehicle Authentication and Billing Scheme". An authentication and billing scheme is proposed where data communication is encrypted, payment transactions are handled securely and parties can authenticate over wired or wireless. The security of the proposed scheme has been examined theoretically and it has been determined that it is secure against known attacks.


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