Augmented Reality Applied to LEGO Construction: AR-based Building Instructions with High Accuracy & Precision and Realistic Object-Hand Occlusions

07/29/2019 ∙ by Wei Yan, et al. ∙ 0

BRICKxAR is an Augmented Reality-based construction method applied to LEGO as a case study. With BRICKxAR, real LEGO brick construction is guided by virtual bricks in the right place at the right time, step by step. Virtual and real object occlusions are implemented to enable a natural appearance of virtual bricks inside real bricks. LEGO players' hand detection and occlusion are realized to allow a realistic immersive AR experience, in which virtual bricks can be "grasped" by the real hand, facilitating hand-eye coordination in AR. High accuracy and high precision of registration, i.e. the virtual - physical model alignment are achieved. In the best case, the average error of registration is less than 1mm throughout the model. BRICKxAR is expected to enhance Learning Through Play, as well as assembly and construction by human workers. In the experiment, LEGO Arc de Triomphe is built completely with BRICKxAR, without the instruction booklet.



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