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Augmentation Invariant Manifold Learning

by   Shulei Wang, et al.

Data augmentation is a widely used technique and an essential ingredient in the recent advance in self-supervised representation learning. By preserving the similarity between augmented data, the resulting data representation can improve various downstream analyses and achieve state-of-art performance in many applications. To demystify the role of data augmentation, we develop a statistical framework on a low-dimension product manifold to theoretically understand why the unlabeled augmented data can lead to useful data representation. Under this framework, we propose a new representation learning method called augmentation invariant manifold learning and develop the corresponding loss function, which can work with a deep neural network to learn data representations. Compared with existing methods, the new data representation simultaneously exploits the manifold's geometric structure and invariant property of augmented data. Our theoretical investigation precisely characterizes how the data representation learned from augmented data can improve the k-nearest neighbor classifier in the downstream analysis, showing that a more complex data augmentation leads to more improvement in downstream analysis. Finally, numerical experiments on simulated and real datasets are presented to support the theoretical results in this paper.


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