Audio-Visual Quality Assessment for User Generated Content: Database and Method

by   Yuqin Cao, et al.

With the explosive increase of User Generated Content (UGC), UGC video quality assessment (VQA) becomes more and more important for improving users' Quality of Experience (QoE). However, most existing UGC VQA studies only focus on the visual distortions of videos, ignoring that the user's QoE also depends on the accompanying audio signals. In this paper, we conduct the first study to address the problem of UGC audio and video quality assessment (AVQA). Specifically, we construct the first UGC AVQA database named the SJTU-UAV database, which includes 520 in-the-wild UGC audio and video (A/V) sequences, and conduct a user study to obtain the mean opinion scores of the A/V sequences. The content of the SJTU-UAV database is then analyzed from both the audio and video aspects to show the database characteristics. We also design a family of AVQA models, which fuse the popular VQA methods and audio features via support vector regressor (SVR). We validate the effectiveness of the proposed models on the three databases. The experimental results show that with the help of audio signals, the VQA models can evaluate the perceptual quality more accurately. The database will be released to facilitate further research.


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