Attentive Item2Vec: Neural Attentive User Representations

02/15/2020 ∙ by Oren Barkan, et al. ∙ 60

Factorization methods for recommender systems tend to represent users as a single latent vector. However, user behavior and interests may change in the context of the recommendations that are presented to the user. For example, in the case of movie recommendations, it is usually true that earlier user data is less informative than more recent data. However, it is possible that a certain early movie may become suddenly more relevant in the presence of a popular sequel movie. This is just a single example of a variety of possible dynamically altering user interests in the presence of a potential new recommendation. In this work, we present Attentive Item2vec (AI2V) - a novel attentive version of Item2vec (I2V). AI2V employs a context-target attention mechanism in order to learn and capture different characteristics of user historical behavior (context) with respect to a potential recommended item (target). The attentive context-target mechanism enables a final neural attentive user representation. We demonstrate the effectiveness of AI2V on several datasets, where it is shown to outperform other baselines.



Vaclav Kosar

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