Attention-based Deep Neural Networks for Battery Discharge Capacity Forecasting

by   Yadong Zhang, et al.

Battery discharge capacity forecasting is critically essential for the applications of lithium-ion batteries. The capacity degeneration can be treated as the memory of the initial battery state of charge from the data point of view. The streaming sensor data collected by battery management systems (BMS) reflect the usable battery capacity degradation rates under various operational working conditions. The battery capacity in different cycles can be measured with the temporal patterns extracted from the streaming sensor data based on the attention mechanism. The attention-based similarity regarding the first cycle can describe the battery capacity degradation in the following cycles. The deep degradation network (DDN) is developed with the attention mechanism to measure similarity and predict battery capacity. The DDN model can extract the degeneration-related temporal patterns from the streaming sensor data and perform the battery capacity prediction efficiently online in real-time. Based on the MIT-Stanford open-access battery aging dataset, the root-mean-square error of the capacity estimation is 1.3 mAh. The mean absolute percentage error of the proposed DDN model is 0.06%. The DDN model also performance well in the Oxford Battery Degradation Dataset with dynamic load profiles. Therefore, the high accuracy and strong robustness of the proposed algorithm are verified.


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