Attention and misinformation sharing on social media

by   Zaid Amin, et al.

The behaviour of sharing information on social media should be fulfilled only when a user is exhibiting attentive behaviour. So that the useful information can be consumed constructively, and misinformation can be identified and ignored. Attentive behaviour is related to users' cognitive abilities in their processing of set information. The work described in this paper examines the issue of attentive factors that affect users' behaviour when they share misinformation on social media. The research aims to identify the significance of prevailing attention factors towards sharing misinformation on social media. We used a closed-ended questionnaire which consisted of a psychometric scale to measure attention behaviour with participants (n = 112). The regression equation results are obtained as: y=(19,533-0,390+e) from a set of regression analyses shows that attention factors have a significant negative correlation effect for users to share misinformation on social media. Along with the findings of the analysis results, we propose that attentive factors are incorporated into a social media application's future design that could intervene in user attention and avoid potential harm caused by the spread of misinformation.



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