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ATRM: Attention-based Task-level Relation Module for GNN-based Few-shot Learning

by   Yurong Guo, et al.

Recently, graph neural networks (GNNs) have shown powerful ability to handle few-shot classification problem, which aims at classifying unseen samples when trained with limited labeled samples per class. GNN-based few-shot learning architectures mostly replace traditional metric with a learnable GNN. In the GNN, the nodes are set as the samples embedding, and the relationship between two connected nodes can be obtained by a network, the input of which is the difference of their embedding features. We consider this method of measuring relation of samples only models the sample-to-sample relation, while neglects the specificity of different tasks. That is, this method of measuring relation does not take the task-level information into account. To this end, we propose a new relation measure method, namely the attention-based task-level relation module (ATRM), to explicitly model the task-level relation of one sample to all the others. The proposed module captures the relation representations between nodes by considering the sample-to-task instead of sample-to-sample embedding features. We conducted extensive experiments on four benchmark datasets: mini-ImageNet, tiered-ImageNet, CUB-200-2011, and CIFAR-FS. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed module is effective for GNN-based few-shot learning.


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