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Asynchronous Distributed Bilevel Optimization

by   Yang Jiao, et al.

Bilevel optimization plays an essential role in many machine learning tasks, ranging from hyperparameter optimization to meta-learning. Existing studies on bilevel optimization, however, focus on either centralized or synchronous distributed setting. The centralized bilevel optimization approaches require collecting massive amount of data to a single server, which inevitably incur significant communication expenses and may give rise to data privacy risks. Synchronous distributed bilevel optimization algorithms, on the other hand, often face the straggler problem and will immediately stop working if a few workers fail to respond. As a remedy, we propose Asynchronous Distributed Bilevel Optimization (ADBO) algorithm. The proposed ADBO can tackle bilevel optimization problems with both nonconvex upper-level and lower-level objective functions, and its convergence is theoretically guaranteed. Furthermore, it is revealed through theoretic analysis that the iteration complexity of ADBO to obtain the ϵ-stationary point is upper bounded by 𝒪(1/ϵ ^2). Thorough empirical studies on public datasets have been conducted to elucidate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed ADBO.


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