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Asymptotics of the Sketched Pseudoinverse

by   Daniel LeJeune, et al.
Carnegie Mellon University
berkeley college
Rice University

We take a random matrix theory approach to random sketching and show an asymptotic first-order equivalence of the regularized sketched pseudoinverse of a positive semidefinite matrix to a certain evaluation of the resolvent of the same matrix. We focus on real-valued regularization and extend previous results on an asymptotic equivalence of random matrices to the real setting, providing a precise characterization of the equivalence even under negative regularization, including a precise characterization of the smallest nonzero eigenvalue of the sketched matrix, which may be of independent interest. We then further characterize the second-order equivalence of the sketched pseudoinverse. Lastly, we propose a conjecture that these results generalize to asymptotically free sketching matrices, obtaining the resulting equivalence for orthogonal sketching matrices and comparing our results to several common sketches used in practice.


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