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Asymptotics of MAP Inference in Deep Networks

by   Parthe Pandit, et al.
NYU college

Deep generative priors are a powerful tool for reconstruction problems with complex data such as images and text. Inverse problems using such models require solving an inference problem of estimating the input and hidden units of the multi-layer network from its output. Maximum a priori (MAP) estimation is a widely-used inference method as it is straightforward to implement, and has been successful in practice. However, rigorous analysis of MAP inference in multi-layer networks is difficult. This work considers a recently-developed method, multi-layer vector approximate message passing (ML-VAMP), to study MAP inference in deep networks. It is shown that the mean squared error of the ML-VAMP estimate can be exactly and rigorously characterized in a certain high-dimensional random limit. The proposed method thus provides a tractable method for MAP inference with exact performance guarantees.


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