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Asymptotic Unbiasedness of the Permutation Importance Measure in Random Forest Models

by   Burim Ramosaj, et al.

Variable selection in sparse regression models is an important task as applications ranging from biomedical research to econometrics have shown. Especially for higher dimensional regression problems, for which the link function between response and covariates cannot be directly detected, the selection of informative variables is challenging. Under these circumstances, the Random Forest method is a helpful tool to predict new outcomes while delivering measures for variable selection. One common approach is the usage of the permutation importance. Due to its intuitive idea and flexible usage, it is important to explore circumstances, for which the permutation importance based on Random Forest correctly indicates informative covariates. Regarding the latter, we deliver theoretical guarantees for the validity of the permutation importance measure under specific assumptions and prove its (asymptotic) unbiasedness. An extensive simulation study verifies our findings.


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