Assortativity measures for weighted and directed networks

by   Yelie Yuan, et al.

Assortativity measures the tendency of a vertex in a network being connected by other vertexes with respect to some vertex-specific features. Classical assortativity coefficients are defined for unweighted and undirected networks with respect to vertex degree. We propose a class of assortativity coefficients that capture the assortative characteristics and structure of weighted and directed networks more precisely. The vertex-to-vertex strength correlation is used as an example, but the proposed measure can be applied to any pair of vertex-specific features. The effectiveness of the proposed measure is assessed through extensive simulations based on prevalent random network models in comparison with existing assortativity measures. In application World Input-Ouput Networks,the new measures reveal interesting insights that would not be obtained by using existing ones. An implementation is publicly available in a R package "wdnet".



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