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Assessing the Validity of a a priori Patient-Trial Generalizability Score using Real-world Data from a Large Clinical Data Research Network: A Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trial

by   Qian Li, et al.

Existing trials had not taken enough consideration of their population representativeness, which can lower the effectiveness when the treatment is applied in real-world clinical practice. We analyzed the eligibility criteria of Bevacizumab colorectal cancer treatment trials, assessed their a priori generalizability, and examined how it affects patient outcomes when applied in real-world clinical settings. To do so, we extracted patient-level data from a large collection of electronic health records (EHRs) from the OneFlorida consortium. We built a zero-inflated negative binomial model using a composite patient-trial generalizability (cPTG) score to predict patients clinical outcomes (i.e., number of serious adverse events, (SAEs)). Our study results provide a body of evidence that 1) the cPTG scores can predict patient outcomes; and 2) patients who are more similar to the study population in the trials that were used to develop the treatment will have a significantly lower possibility to experience serious adverse events.


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