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Assessing the players'performance in the game of bridge: A fuzzy logic approach

by   Michael Gr. Voskoglou, et al.

Contract bridge occupies nowadays a position of great prestige being, together with chess, the only mind games officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee. In the present paper an innovative method for assessing the total performance of bridge- players' belonging to groups of special interest(e.g. different bridge clubs during a tournament, men and women, new and old players, etc) is introduced, which is based on principles of fuzzy logic. For this, the cohorts under assessment are represented as fuzzy subsets of a set of linguistic labels characterizing their performance and the centroid defuzzification method is used to convert the fuzzy data collected from the game to a crisp number. This new method of assessment could be used informally as a complement of the official bridge-scoring methods for statistical and other obvious reasons. Two real applications related to simultaneous tournaments with pre-dealt boards, organized by the Hellenic Bridge Federation, are also presented, illustrating the importance of our results in practice.


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