Assessing the Learning Behavioral Intention of Commuters in Mobility Practices

by   Waqas Ahmed, et al.

Learning behavior mechanism is widely anticipated in managed settings through the formal syllabus. However, heading for learning stimulus whilst daily mobility practices through urban transit is the novel feature in learning sciences. Theory of planned behavior (TPB), technology acceptance model (TAM), and service quality of transit are conceptualized to assess the learning behavioral intention (LBI) of commuters in Greater Kuala Lumpur. An online survey was conducted to understand the LBI of 117 travelers who use the technology to engage in the informal learning process during daily commuting. The results explored that all the model variables i.e., perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, service quality, and subjective norms are significant predictors of LBI. The perceived usefulness of learning during traveling and transit service quality has a vibrant impact on LBI. The research will support the informal learning mechanism from commuters point of view. The study is a novel contribution to transport and learning literature that will open the new prospect of research in urban mobility and its connotation with personal learning and development.



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