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Assessing the Impact of the Physical Environment on Comfort and Job Satisfaction in Offices

by   Francisco Reyne-Pugh, et al.

This paper develops a model that allows to analyze the physical parameters that determine the degree of environmental comfort of employees in offices. Parameters such as air quality, noise, thermal environment, and lighting are considered. This model was developed through the use of partial least squares structural equation models (PLS-SEM). Formative indicators (which cause the construct) and reflective indicators (caused or affected by the construct) were used, following the methodology proposed by Hair et al. (2014). The model was estimated using data obtained in surveys conducted in aeronautical control offices in Chile (DASADGAC). The model allows to evaluate the influence that environmental comfort has on people's job satisfaction. The results indicate that the environmental parameters used significantly influence environmental comfort, explaining 70.2 the influence of noise on environmental comfort proved to be greater than that of the rest of the environmental parameters studied, followed by air quality. On the other hand, it was empirically proven that environmental comfort has a significant influence on job satisfaction, where the environmental parameters used explain the variance of job satisfaction by 28.9


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