ARTxAI: Explainable Artificial Intelligence Curates Deep Representation Learning for Artistic Images using Fuzzy Techniques

by   Javier Fumanal-Idocin, et al.
Programa A3U UPNA

Automatic art analysis employs different image processing techniques to classify and categorize works of art. When working with artistic images, we need to take into account further considerations compared to classical image processing. This is because such artistic paintings change drastically depending on the author, the scene depicted, and their artistic style. This can result in features that perform very well in a given task but do not grasp the whole of the visual and symbolic information contained in a painting. In this paper, we show how the features obtained from different tasks in artistic image classification are suitable to solve other ones of similar nature. We present different methods to improve the generalization capabilities and performance of artistic classification systems. Furthermore, we propose an explainable artificial intelligence method to map known visual traits of an image with the features used by the deep learning model considering fuzzy rules. These rules show the patterns and variables that are relevant to solve each task and how effective is each of the patterns found. Our results show that our proposed context-aware features can achieve up to 6% and 26% more accurate results than other context- and non-context-aware solutions, respectively, depending on the specific task. We also show that some of the features used by these models can be more clearly correlated to visual traits in the original image than others.


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