Artistic Instance-Aware Image Filtering by Convolutional Neural Networks

09/22/2018 ∙ by Milad Tehrani, et al. ∙ 0

In the recent years, public use of artistic effects for editing and beautifying images has encouraged researchers to look for new approaches to this task. Most of the existing methods apply artistic effects to the whole image. Exploitation of neural network vision technologies like object detection and semantic segmentation could be a new viewpoint in this area. In this paper, we utilize an instance segmentation neural network to obtain a class mask for separately filtering the background and foreground of an image. We implement a top prior-mask selection to let us select an object class for filtering purpose. Different artistic effects are used in the filtering process to meet the requirements of a vast variety of users. Also, our method is flexible enough to allow the addition of new filters. We use pre-trained Mask R-CNN instance segmentation on the COCO dataset as the segmentation network. Experimental results on the use of different filters are performed. System's output results show that this novel approach can create satisfying artistic images with fast operation and simple interface.



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