Artificial-Noise-Aided Secure MIMO Wireless Communications via Intelligent Reflecting Surface

by   Sheng Hong, et al.

This paper considers a MIMO secure wireless communication system aided by the physical layer security technique of sending artificial-noise (AN). To further enhance the system security, the advanced intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) is invoked in the AN-aided communication system, where the base station (BS), the legitimate information receiver (IR) and eavesdropper (Eve) are all equipped with multiple antennas. With the aim for maximizing the system secrecy rate (SR), the transmit precoding (TPC) matrix at the BS, the covariance matrix of AN and the phase shift coefficients at the IRS are jointly optimized subject to the constrains of transmit power limit and unit modulus of IRS phase shifts. Then, the secrecy rate maximization (SRM) problem is formulated and investigated, which is a non-convex problem with multiple coupled variables. To tackle it, we propose to employ the block coordinate descent (BCD) algorithm, which can alternatively update the TPC matrix, AN covariance matrix, and phase shifts while keeping the SR non-descending. Specifically, the optimal TPC matrix and AN covariance matrix are derived by Lagrangian multiplier method, and the optimal phase shifts are obtained by the Majorization-Minimization (MM) algorithm. Since all these variables can be calculated in closed form, the proposed algorithm is very efficient. Finally, simulation results validate the effectiveness of enhancing the system security via an IRS.


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