Artificial Intelligence Strategies for National Security and Safety Standards

by   Erik Blasch, et al.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have lead to an explosion of multimedia applications (e.g., computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP)) for different domains such as commercial, industrial, and intelligence. In particular, the use of AI applications in a national security environment is often problematic because the opaque nature of the systems leads to an inability for a human to understand how the results came about. A reliance on 'black boxes' to generate predictions and inform decisions is potentially disastrous. This paper explores how the application of standards during each stage of the development of an AI system deployed and used in a national security environment would help enable trust. Specifically, we focus on the standards outlined in Intelligence Community Directive 203 (Analytic Standards) to subject machine outputs to the same rigorous standards as analysis performed by humans.


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