Artificial Intelligence in the Global South (AI4D): Potential and Risks

by   P. J. Wall, et al.

Artificial intelligence is becoming more widely available in all parts of the world. This has created many previously unforeseen possibilities for addressing the challenges outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals in the Global South. However, the use of AI in such contexts brings with it a unique set of risks and challenges. Among these are the potential for Governments to use such technologies to suppress their own people, and the ethical questions arising from implementing AI primarily designed and developed in the Global North into vastly different social, cultural, and political environments in the Global South. This paper examines the key issues and questions arising in the emerging sub-field of AI for global development (AI4D) and the potential and risks associated with using such technologies in the Global South. We propose that although there are many risks associated with the use of AI, the potential benefits are enough to warrant detailed research and investigation of the most appropriate and effective ways to design, develop, implement, and use such technologies in the Global South. We conclude by calling for the wider ICT4D community to continue to conduct detailed research and investigation of all aspects of AI4D.



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