Artificial Intelligence Ethics: An Inclusive Global Discourse?

by   Cathy Roche, et al.

It is widely accepted that technology is ubiquitous across the planet and has the potential to solve many of the problems existing in the Global South. Moreover, the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) brings with it the potential to address many of the challenges outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in ways which were never before possible. However, there are many questions about how such advanced technologies should be managed and governed, and whether or not the emerging ethical frameworks and standards for AI are dominated by the Global North. This research examines the growing body of documentation on AI ethics to examine whether or not there is equality of participation in the ongoing global discourse. Specifically, it seeks to discover if both countries in the Global South and women are underrepresented in this discourse. Findings indicate a dearth of references to both of these themes in the AI ethics documents, suggesting that the associated ethical implications and risks are being neglected. Without adequate input from both countries in the Global South and from women, such ethical frameworks and standards may be discriminatory with the potential to reinforce marginalisation.



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