Arthroscopic Multi-Spectral Scene Segmentation Using Deep Learning

by   Shahnewaz Ali, et al.

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedure which is performed to treat knee-joint ailment. Lack of visual information of the surgical site obtained from miniaturized cameras make this surgical procedure more complex. Knee cavity is a very confined space; therefore, surgical scenes are captured at close proximity. Insignificant context of knee atlas often makes them unrecognizable as a consequence unintentional tissue damage often occurred and shows a long learning curve to train new surgeons. Automatic context awareness through labeling of the surgical site can be an alternative to mitigate these drawbacks. However, from the previous studies, it is confirmed that the surgical site exhibits several limitations, among others, lack of discriminative contextual information such as texture and features which drastically limits this vision task. Additionally, poor imaging conditions and lack of accurate ground-truth labels are also limiting the accuracy. To mitigate these limitations of knee arthroscopy, in this work we proposed a scene segmentation method that successfully segments multi structures.



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