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Art Gallery Plus Single Specular-reflection

by   Arash Vaezi, et al.
Sharif Accelerator
IIT Kharagpur

Given a simple polygon P, in the Art Gallery problem, the goal is to find the minimum number of guards needed to cover the entire P, where a guard is a point and can see another point q when pq does not cross the edges of P. This paper studies a variant of the Art Gallery problem in which the boundaries of P are replaced by single specular-reflection edges, allowing the view rays to reflect once per collision with an edge. This property allows the guards to see through the reflections, thereby viewing a larger portion of the polygon. For this problem, the position of the guards in P can be determined with our proposed 𝒪(log n)-approximation algorithm. Besides presenting an algorithm with the mentioned approximation factor, we will see that reflection can decrease the number of guards in practice. The proposed algorithm converts the generalized problem to the Set Cover problem.


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