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Are You A Risk Taker? Adversarial Learning of Asymmetric Cross-Domain Alignment for Risk Tolerance Prediction

by   Zhe Liu, et al.
University of Technology Sydney

Most current studies on survey analysis and risk tolerance modelling lack professional knowledge and domain-specific models. Given the effectiveness of generative adversarial learning in cross-domain information, we design an Asymmetric cross-Domain Generative Adversarial Network (ADGAN) for domain scale inequality. ADGAN utilizes the information-sufficient domain to provide extra information to improve the representation learning on the information-insufficient domain via domain alignment. We provide data analysis and user model on two data sources: Consumer Consumption Information and Survey Information. We further test ADGAN on a real-world dataset with view embedding structures and show ADGAN can better deal with the class imbalance and unqualified data space than state-of-the-art, demonstrating the effectiveness of leveraging asymmetrical domain information.


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