Architectural Tactics for Big Data Cybersecurity Analytic Systems: A Review

by   Faheem Ullah, et al.

Context: Big Data Cybersecurity Analytics is aimed at protecting networks, computers, and data from unauthorized access by analysing security event data using big data tools and technologies. Whilst a plethora of Big Data Cybersecurity Analytic Systems have been reported in the literature, there is a lack of a systematic and comprehensive review of the literature from an architectural perspective. Objective: This paper reports a systematic review aimed at identifying the most frequently reported quality attributes and architectural tactics for Big Data Cybersecurity Analytic Systems. Method: We used Systematic Literature Review (SLR) method for reviewing 74 primary studies selected using well-defined criteria. Results: Our findings are twofold: (i) identification of 12 most frequently reported quality attributes and the justification for their significance for Big Data Cybersecurity Analytic Systems; and (ii) identification and codification of 17 architectural tactics for addressing the quality attributes that are commonly associated with Big Data Cybersecurity Analytic systems. The identified tactics include six performance tactics, four accuracy tactics, two scalability tactics, three reliability tactics, and one security and usability tactic each. Conclusion: Our findings have revealed that (a) despite the significance of interoperability, modifiability, adaptability, generality, stealthiness, and privacy assurance, these quality attributes lack explicit architectural support in the literature (b) empirical investigation is required to evaluate the impact of codified architectural tactics (c) a good deal of research effort should be invested to explore the trade-offs and dependencies among the identified tactics and (d) there is a general lack of effective collaboration between academia and industry for supporting the field of Big Data Cybersecurity Analytic Systems.


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