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Archetypes for Representing Data about the Brazilian Public Hospital Information System and Outpatient High Complexity Procedures System

by   Sergio Miranda Freire, et al.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health has selected the openEHR model as a standard for electronic health record systems. This paper presents a set of archetypes to represent the main data from the Brazilian Public Hospital Information System and the High Complexity Procedures Module of the Brazilian public Outpatient Health Information System. The archetypes from the public openEHR Clinical Knowledge Manager (CKM), were examined in order to select archetypes that could be used to represent the data of the above mentioned systems. For several concepts, it was necessary to specialize the CKM archetypes, or design new ones. A total of 22 archetypes were used: 8 new, 5 specialized and 9 reused from CKM. This set of archetypes can be used not only for information exchange, but also for generating a big anonymized dataset for testing openEHR-based systems.


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