Arbitrary Shape Scene Text Detection with Adaptive Text Region Representation

by   Xiaobing Wang, et al.

Scene text detection attracts much attention in computer vision, because it can be widely used in many applications such as real-time text translation, automatic information entry, blind person assistance, robot sensing and so on. Though many methods have been proposed for horizontal and oriented texts, detecting irregular shape texts such as curved texts is still a challenging problem. To solve the problem, we propose a robust scene text detection method with adaptive text region representation. Given an input image, a text region proposal network is first used for extracting text proposals. Then, these proposals are verified and refined with a refinement network. Here, recurrent neural network based adaptive text region representation is proposed for text region refinement, where a pair of boundary points are predicted each time step until no new points are found. In this way, text regions of arbitrary shapes are detected and represented with adaptive number of boundary points. This gives more accurate description of text regions. Experimental results on five benchmarks, namely, CTW1500, TotalText, ICDAR2013, ICDAR2015 and MSRATD500, show that the proposed method achieves state-of-the-art in scene text detection.


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