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Approximate solution of the integral equations involving kernel with additional singularity

by   Vitalii Makogin, et al.
Universität Ulm

The paper is devoted to the approximate solutions of the Fredholm integral equations of the second kind with the weak singular kernel that can have additional singularity in the numerator. We describe two problems that lead to such equations. They are the problem of minimization of small deviation and the entropy minimization problem. Both of them appear when considering dynamical system involving mixed fractional Brownian motion. In order to deal with the kernel with additional singularity applying well-known methods for weakly singular kernels, we prove the theorem on the approximation of solution of integral equation with the kernel containing additional singularity by the solutions of the integral equations whose kernels are weakly singular but the numerator is continuous. We demonstrate numerically how our methods work being applied to our specific integral equations.


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