Approximate Message Passing for orthogonally invariant ensembles: Multivariate non-linearities and spectral initialization

by   Xinyi Zhong, et al.

We study a class of Approximate Message Passing (AMP) algorithms for symmetric and rectangular spiked random matrix models with orthogonally invariant noise. The AMP iterates have fixed dimension K ≥ 1, a multivariate non-linearity is applied in each AMP iteration, and the algorithm is spectrally initialized with K super-critical sample eigenvectors. We derive the forms of the Onsager debiasing coefficients and corresponding AMP state evolution, which depend on the free cumulants of the noise spectral distribution. This extends previous results for such models with K=1 and an independent initialization. Applying this approach to Bayesian principal components analysis, we introduce a Bayes-OAMP algorithm that uses as its non-linearity the posterior mean conditional on all preceding AMP iterates. We describe a practical implementation of this algorithm, where all debiasing and state evolution parameters are estimated from the observed data, and we illustrate the accuracy and stability of this approach in simulations.


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