Approaching Waterfilling Capacity of Parallel Channels by Higher Order Modulation and Probabilistic Amplitude Shaping

by   Fabian Steiner, et al.

Parallel, additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) channels with an average sum power constraint are considered. It is shown how the waterfilling Shannon capacity can be approached by higher order modulation and probabilistic amplitude shaping (PAS). This is achieved by a new distribution matching approach called product distribution matching (PDM). The asymptotic performance of PDM is analyzed by achievable rates. A heuristic for optimizing the input distribution is proposed, which enables signaling at a target spectral efficiency with a fixed-rate forward error correction (FEC) code, while the optimal power allocation is ensured by mercury-waterfilling and a simple bit-loading strategy. Finite blocklength simulation results with 5G low-density parity-check codes show power savings of around 1 dB compared to a conventional scheme with uniform input distributions.



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