Applying Gene Expression Programming for Solving One-Dimensional Bin-Packing Problems

by   Najla Akram Al-Saati, et al.

This work aims to study and explore the use of Gene Expression Programming (GEP) in solving the on-line Bin-Packing problem. The main idea is to show how GEP can automatically find acceptable heuristic rules to solve the problem efficiently and economically. One dimensional Bin-Packing problem is considered in the course of this work with the constraint of minimizing the number of bins filled with the given pieces. Experimental Data includes instances of benchmark test data taken from Falkenauer (1996) for One-dimensional Bin-Packing Problems. Results show that GEP can be used as a very powerful and flexible tool for finding interesting compact rules suited for the problem. The impact of functions is also investigated to show how they can affect and influence the success of rates when they appear in rules. High success rates are gained with smaller population size and fewer generations compared to previous work performed using Genetic Programming.


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