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Anticipation Next – System-sensitive technology development and integration in work contexts

by   Sarah Janboecke, et al.

When discussing future concerns within socio-technical systems in work contexts, we often find descriptions of missed technology development and integration. The experience of technology that fails whilst being integrated is often rooted in dysfunctional epistemological approaches within the research and development process. Thus, ultimately leading to sustainable technology-distrust in work contexts. This is true for organisations which integrate new technologies and for organisations that invent them. Organisations in which we find failed technology development and integrations are in their very nature social systems. Nowadays, those complex social systems act within an even more complex environment. This urges for new anticipation methods for technology development and integration. Gathering of and dealing with complex information in the described context is what we call Anticipation Next. This explorative work uses existing literature from the adjoining research fields of system theory, organizational theory, and socio-technical research to combine various concepts. We end with suggesting a conceptual framework that is supposed to be used in very early stages of technology development and integration for and in work contexts.


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