Anonymity Network Tor and Performance Analysis of ARANEA; an IOT Based Privacy-Preserving Router

by   AKM Bahalul Haque, et al.

There was a time when the word security was only confined to the physical protection of things that were valuable which must be guarded against all the odds. Today, in a world where people can do things virtually have emerged the necessity to protect the virtual world. Every single facet of our life is being controlled by the internet one way or another. There is no privacy in the cyberspace as the data which we are browsing on the internet is being monitored on the other side by someone. Each work we are doing on the internet is getting tracked or the data are getting leaked without consent. To browse the internet securely we developed a router named Aranea which relates to the browser Tor. Tor gives traffic anonymity and security. The Tor browser can be used in both positive and negative purpose. Tor encrypts data, it hides the location and identity of the user, it hides the IP address of the device, it hides the network traffic and many more. By using Tor browser each user can browse the internet safely in the cyber world. Our goal is to create an additional security bridge through the router Aranea for every user so that each user can simply browse the internet anonymously.



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