Anomaly Detection using One-Class Neural Networks

by   Raghavendra Chalapathy, et al.

We propose a one-class neural network (OC-NN) model to detect anomalies in complex data sets. OC-NN combines the ability of deep networks to extract progressively rich representation of data with the one-class objective of creating a tight envelope around normal data. The OC-NN approach breaks new ground for the following crucial reason: data representation in the hidden layer is driven by the OC-NN objective and is thus customized for anomaly detection. This is a departure from other approaches which use a hybrid approach of learning deep features using an autoencoder and then feeding the features into a separate anomaly detection method like one-class SVM (OC-SVM). The hybrid OC-SVM approach is suboptimal because it is unable to influence representational learning in the hidden layers. A comprehensive set of experiments demonstrate that on complex data sets (like CIFAR and PFAM), OC-NN significantly outperforms existing state-of-the-art anomaly detection methods.


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