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Animation Techniques in Human-Robot Interaction User Studies: a Systematic Literature Review

by   Trenton Schulz, et al.

There are many different ways a robot can move in Human-Robot Interaction. One way is to use techniques from film animation to instruct the robot to move. This article is a systematic literature review of human-robot trials, pilots, and evaluations that have applied techniques from animation to move a robot. Through 27 articles, we find that animation techniques improves individual's interaction with robots, improving individual's perception of qualities of a robot, understanding what a robot intends to do, and showing the robot's state, or possible emotion. Animation techniques also help people relate to robots that do not resemble a human or robot. The studies in the articles show further areas for research, such as applying animation principles in other types of robots and situations, combining animation techniques with other modalities, and testing robots moving with animation techniques over the long term.


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