Angel's Girl for Blind Painters: an Efficient Painting Navigation System Validated by Multimodal Evaluation Approach

by   Hang Liu, et al.

For people who ardently love painting but unfortunately have visual impairments, holding a paintbrush to create a work is a very difficult task. People in this special group are eager to pick up the paintbrush, like Leonardo da Vinci, to create and make full use of their own talents. Therefore, to maximally bridge this gap, we propose a painting navigation system to assist blind people in painting and artistic creation. The proposed system is composed of cognitive system and guidance system. The system adopts drawing board positioning based on QR code, brush navigation based on target detection and bush real-time positioning. Meanwhile, this paper uses human-computer interaction on the basis of voice and a simple but efficient position information coding rule. In addition, we design a criterion to efficiently judge whether the brush reaches the target or not. According to the experimental results, the thermal curves extracted from the faces of testers show that it is relatively well accepted by blindfolded and even blind testers. With the prompt frequency of 1s, the painting navigation system performs best with the completion degree of 89 with SD of 162.14 trajectory account for 74 of 2.51. This work demonstrates that it is practicable for the blind people to feel the world through the brush in their hands. In the future, we plan to deploy Angle's Eyes on the phone to make it more portable. The demo video of the proposed painting navigation system is available at:


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