Analyzing User Activities Using Vector Space Model in Online Social Networks

by   Dhrubasish Sarkar, et al.

The increasing popularity of internet, wireless technologies and mobile devices has led to the birth of mass connectivity and online interaction through Online Social Networks (OSNs) and similar environments. OSN reflects a social structure consist of a set of individuals and different types of ties like connections, relationships, interactions etc among them and helps its users to connect with their friends and common interest groups, share views and to pass information. Now days the users choose OSN sites as a most preferred place for sharing their updates, different views, posting photographs and would like to make it available for others for viewing, rating and making comments. The current paper aims to explore and analyze the association between the objects (like photographs, posts etc) and its viewers (friends, acquaintances etc) for a given user and to find activity relationship among them by using the TF-IDF scheme of Vector Space Model. After vectorization the vector data has been presented through a weighted graph with various properties.



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