Analyzing Recurrent Neural Network by Probabilistic Abstraction

by   Guoliang Dong, et al.

Neural network is becoming the dominant approach for solving many real-world problems like computer vision and natural language processing due to its exceptional performance as an end-to-end solution. However, deep learning models are complex and work in a black-box manner in general. This hinders humans from understanding how such systems make decisions or analyzing them using traditional software analysis techniques like testing and verification. To solve this problem and bridge the gap, several recent approaches have proposed to extract simple models in the form of finite-state automata or weighted automata for human understanding and reasoning. The results are however not encouraging due to multiple reasons like low accuracy and scalability issue. In this work, we propose to extract models in the form of probabilistic automata from recurrent neural network models instead. Our work distinguishes itself from existing approaches in two important ways. One is that we extract probabilistic models to compensate for the limited expressiveness of simple models (compared to that of deep neural networks). This is inspired by the observation that human reasoning is often `probabilistic'. The other is that we identify the right level of abstraction based on hierarchical clustering so that the models are extracted in a task-specific way. We conducted experiments on several real-world datasets using state-of-the-art RNN architectures including GRU and LSTM. The result shows that our approach improves existing model extraction approaches significantly and can produce simple models which accurately mimic the original models.


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