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Analyzing Interfaces and Workflows for Light Field Editing

by   Marta Ortin, et al.

With the increasing number of available consumer light field cameras, such as Lytro TM, Raytrix TM, or Pelican Imaging TM, this new form of photography is progressively becoming more common. However, there are still very few tools for light field editing, and the interfaces to create those edits remain largely unexplored. Given the extended dimensionality of light field data, it is not clear what the most intuitive interfaces and optimal workflows are, in contrast with well-studied 2D image manipulation software. In this work we provide a detailed description of subjects' performance and preferences for a number of simple editing tasks, which form the basis for more complex operations. We perform a detailed state sequence analysis and hidden Markov chain analysis based on the sequence of tools and interaction paradigms users employ while editing light fields. These insights can aid researchers and designers in creating new light field editing tools and interfaces, thus helping to close the gap between 4D and 2D image editing.


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