Analysis of Users Reaction around Impeachment in Peru using Twitter

Covid-19 pandemic generated many problems and show other hidden issues in countries in South America. Every government analyzed his own context and decided which health policies would be used. Peru is a country in the middle of South America region, the first reported case was on March 6. Besides, a lockdown was established in ground borders, sea and air. Peruvian government analyzed the context and proposed many policies around health, economy, employment, transport. But, these action were not enough for the existence of previous lack of infrastructure in hospitals, as result of past governments. By the other hand, a variety of politic parties in the Parliament and their search for own interests, was evidenced during this pandemic period. Considering previous condition of lack of success in health, economic policies, the discussion about possible impeachment started. Therefore, this work has the main aim of finding evidence about what users were talking about and what was the impact on Peruvian population using Twitter.


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