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Analysis of stochastic Lanczos quadrature for spectrum approximation

by   Tyler Chen, et al.

The cumulative empirical spectral measure (CESM) ฮฆ[๐€] : โ„โ†’ [0,1] of a nร— n symmetric matrix ๐€ is defined as the fraction of eigenvalues of ๐€ less than a given threshold, i.e., ฮฆ[๐€](x) := โˆ‘_i=1^n1/nx1D7D9[ ฮป_i[๐€]โ‰ค x]. Spectral sums tr(f[๐€]) can be computed as the Riemannโ€“Stieltjes integral of f against ฮฆ[๐€], so the task of estimating CESM arises frequently in a number of applications, including machine learning. We present an error analysis for stochastic Lanczos quadrature (SLQ). We show that SLQ obtains an approximation to the CESM within a Wasserstein distance of t | ฮป_max[๐€] - ฮป_min[๐€] | with probability at least 1-ฮท, by applying the Lanczos algorithm for โŒˆ 12 t^-1 + 1/2โŒ‰ iterations to โŒˆ 4 ( n+2 )^-1t^-2ln(2nฮท^-1) โŒ‰ vectors sampled independently and uniformly from the unit sphere. We additionally provide (matrix-dependent) a posteriori error bounds for the Wasserstein and Kolmogorovโ€“Smirnov distances between the output of this algorithm and the true CESM. The quality of our bounds is demonstrated using numerical experiments.


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