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Analysis of Multivariate Data and Repeated Measures Designs with the R Package MANOVA.RM

by   Sarah Friedrich, et al.
Universität Ulm

The numerical availability of statistical inference methods for a modern and robust analysis of longitudinal- and multivariate data in factorial experiments is an essential element in research and education. While existing approaches that rely on specific distributional assumptions of the data (multivariate normality and/or characteristic covariance matrices) are implemented in statistical software packages, there is a need for user-friendly software that can be used for the analysis of data that do not fulfill the aforementioned assumptions and provide accurate p-value and confidence interval estimates. Therefore, newly developed statistical methods for the analysis of repeated measures designs and multivariate data that neither assume multivariate normality nor specific covariance matrices have been implemented in the freely available R-package MANOVA.RM. The package is equipped with a graphical user interface for plausible applications in academia and other educational purpose. Several motivating examples illustrate the application of the methods.


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