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Analysis and Optimization of Successful Symbol Transmission Rate for Grant-free Massive Access with Massive MIMO

by   Gang Chen, et al.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Grant-free massive access is an important technique for supporting massive machine-type communications (mMTC) for Internet-of-Things (IoT). Two important features in grant-free massive access are low-complexity devices and short-packet data transmission, making the traditional performance metric, achievable rate, unsuitable in this case. In this letter, we investigate grant-free massive access in a massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system. We consider random access control, and adopt approximate message passing (AMP) for user activity detection and channel estimation in the pilot transmission phase and small phase-shift-keying (PSK) modulation in the data transmission phase. We propose a more reasonable performance metric, namely successful symbol transmission rate (SSTR), for grant-free massive access. We obtain closed-form approximate expressions for the asymptotic SSTR in the cases of maximal ratio combining (MRC) and zero forcing (ZF) beamforming at the base station (BS), respectively. We also maximize the asymptotic SSTR with respect to the access parameter and pilot length.


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