Analysing ocular parameters for web browsing and graph visualization

by   Somnath Arjun, et al.

This paper proposes a set of techniques to investigate eye gaze and fixation patterns while users interact with electronic user interfaces. In particular, two case studies are presented - one on analysing eye gaze while interacting with deceptive materials in web pages and another on analysing graphs in standard computer monitor and virtual reality displays. We analysed spatial and temporal distributions of eye gaze fixations and sequence of eye gaze movements. We used this information to propose new design guidelines to avoid deceptive materials in web and user-friendly representation of data in 2D graphs. In 2D graph study we identified that area graph has lowest number of clusters for user's gaze fixations and lowest average response time. The results of 2D graph study were implemented in virtual and mixed reality environment. Along with this, it was ob-served that the duration while interacting with deceptive materials in web pages is independent of the number of fixations. Furthermore, web-based data visualization tool for analysing eye tracking data from single and multiple users was developed.


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