Analiza bezbednosnih mehanizama OSPF protokola

by   P. D. Bojovic, et al.

The security of the service and the system depends on the security of each of them components of this system. An attack on the routing protocol may be inaccurate functioning of the computer network. In some cases this is possible The attacker comes to data or artificial information for which he is not entitled. OSPF protocol is the most commonly used connection protocol. U In this paper, we conducted an OSPF security analysis and described it security mechanisms. ----- Bezbednost nekog servisa i sistema zavisi od bezbednosti svake komponente tog sistema. Napad na protokol rutiranja može proizvesti neispravno funkcionisanje računarske mreže. U pojedinim slučajevima moguće je da napadač doe do podataka ili umetne podatke za koje nema pravo. OSPF protokol je najrasprostranjeniji protokol stanja linka (link-state protocol). U ovom radu izvršili smo analizu bezbednosti OSPF protokola i opisali njegove bezbednosne mehanizme.


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