Analisis Kualitas Layanan Website E-Commerce Bukalapak Terhadap Kepuasan Pengguna Mahasiswa Universitas Bina Darma Menggunakan Metode Webqual 4.0

by   Adellia, et al.

The growth of new technology, motivates some product marketing to be done online. One of the factors that support online development is online buying and selling sites or Electronic Commerce. One of the supporting factors for Electronic Commerce is using a website. Website or also commonly called the web is a form of media that can be interpreted as a collection of pages that display various kinds of text information, data, still or moving images, animation data, sound, video, both static and dynamic. Electronic Commerce companies interact with consumers through the web, one of which is the Bukalapak website, which is an online site provider for buying and selling products to be marketed. To determine the quality of a website, it is necessary to measure. By measuring the quality of a website, it can be seen the user's perception of the website. In this study using the Webqual 4.0 method which consists of 3 dimensions, namely usability, information quality and interaction quality on user satisfaction. The data used is primary data which is a source of data obtained directly from the original source by distributing questionnaires. The total data obtained are 104 respondents. Respondents in this study were Bina Darma University students who were expected to provide an objective assessment of the website to be analyzed.


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