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An unfitted Eulerian finite element method for the time-dependent Stokes problem on moving domains

by   Henry von Wahl, et al.

We analyse a Eulerian Finite Element method, combining a Eulerian time-stepping scheme applied to the time-dependent Stokes equations using the CutFEM approach with inf-sup stable Taylor-Hood elements for the spatial discretisation. This is based on the method introduced by Lehrenfeld & Olshanskii [ESAIM: M2AN 53(2):585–614] in the context of a scalar convection-diffusion problems on moving domains, and extended to the non-stationary Stokes problem on moving domains by Burman, Frei & Massing [arXiv:1910.03054 [math.NA]] using stabilised equal-order elements. The analysis includes the geometrical error made by integrating over approximated levelset domains in the discrete CutFEM setting. The method is implemented and the theoretical results are illustrated using numerical examples.


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